Underlay Sustainability and Environmental & Social Governance (ESG)

Underlay Sustainability and Environmental & Social Governance (ESG)Underlay Sustainability and Environmental & Social Governance (ESG)

Industry leading sustainable underlay production

As part of the Vita Group we operate a responsible, resourceful and safe business. We commit to – and invest in- reducing waste, increasing recycling and reuse of raw materials, and conserving natural resources in pursuit of a net zero footprint. We are proud of our achievements, and will continue to push forwards.

Ball and Young Commitments to Sustainability

Our Commitments cover every part of our value chain and operations to deliver long-term business success.

1. We source responsibly

100% of our trim is from known sources within the Vita Group and Vita Group customers.

2. We produce safely, for people and the environment

Resource efficiency and safe production. All Electricity at Ball and Young is EAC's (Energy Attribute Certificates) certified renewable.

3. We produce efficiently

We aim to achieve net zero CO2 emissions by 2050 and zero to landfill by 2040.

4. We drive sustainable solutions

Sustainable product portfolio, we are a key enabler in the circular economy, repurposing products from within the Vita Group. In the future we will be able to use trim that has been made using recycled chemicals.

5. We value people and we treat them with respect

At Ball and Young, we pride ourselves on our customer service and long lasting relationships.

Setting the Sustainability benchmark in our industry

Ball and Young, as part of the Vita Group, have been pioneers in sustainability and setting the industry benchmark for decades.

Ball and Young is part of a circular economy.

We use 100% of the trim generated within the Vita Group as well as re-purposing trim from Vita Group customers, which means we are a net consumer of trim and stop 20Kt of trim foam going to landfill each Year.

Synergies in logistics and infrastructure leads to minimization of waste through the entire group.

Ball and Young is continuously optimizing processes, gradually replacing fossil fuels with 100% renewable energy and developing new low-emission technologies to futher reduce our overall CO2 footprint.

Solutions for our Circular Economy

Creating the right chemistry for a sustainable future.

We help our customers to reduce their CO2 emissions

Offering products with lower carbon footprints

We are a front-runner in offering customers a portfolio of products with lower carbon footprints to enable their decarbonization.

Our future approach offers certified products

Intelligent solutions for a growing product portfolio

In future the use of renewable or recyclable raw materials from the Vita Groups production can be applied to the majority of Ball & Young’s product portfolio. 

These solutions reduce CO2 emissions and save fossil resources.

PU recycling will drive the circular economy

Manufacturing innovative products through a circular economy

The Vita group suppliers have developed a chemical recycling process for used mattresses. The materials from old mattresses are to be recycled in such a way that they can be used to produce new mattresses. Thanks to this approach, post-consumer waste will be fed back into Ball & Young’s Circular Economy.

Our industry leading, sustainable underlay production journey

We operate a responsible, resourceful and safe business. We commit to, and invest in, reducing waste. We are proud of our achievements and will continue to push forwards to enhance everyday life.


Our sustainable journey begins

Ball & Young are purchased by The Vita Group to develop the use of recycled PU trim foam


Game changing industry first

Award-winning Cloud 9 is launched, pioneering the use of PU trim foam in underlay manufacture


High density underlays developed

Cloud 9 high density underlays launched, another industry first


Underlay for marine use approved

Cloud 9 flame retardant range is launched and approved for marine use


Carbon footprint reduced by logistic efficiencies

Ball & Young block plant investment, reduces vehicle movements between sites


Another game changer: anti-bacterial underlay

Another first... Ultra-fresh underlay stays fresher for longer with anti-bacterial treatment


Unusable trim gets new lease of life!

Re-purposing previously unusable trim, Cloud 9 Eco-Cushion is launched for use with artificial grass


Cloud 9, the proven choice for healthy homes

Cloud 9 products are certified for indoor air quality control


Take-back underlay off-cut initiative launched

Post fitting off-cuts will be diverted away from landfill in this new scheme

Electricity from 100% renewable sources

Since March 2021, electricity comes from 100% renewable sources, backed by EAC's (Energy Attribute Certificates) Certificates

Membership of Carpet Recycling UK

Partnering industry leaders in the improvement of sustainability solutions

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